Saturday, December 19, 2009

welcome to my new blog!!

This sweet baby girl was 10 days old and an absolute dream to work with. Let me give you some insight on this set up... newborn photos seem to be best done for both parent and child in the comforts of their own home...babies sleep easily if cozy warm and well fed between day one and week 2-3. I'm finding that Its usually the germ factor is what keeps parents from generally getting brand new baby shots done I'm beginning to master the art of "portable studio". I have a suitcase packed with the essentials for a successful newborn shoot. IE: portable heater, cloth diapers, back drops and mini pops. The above shot was done on grandma's hope chest next to a window in the nursery. I brought about 5 fabric choices for a back drop and hung them over the crib railing. then used a piece of baseboard trim to finish it off.


  1. R.G. i am and will always be a fan .... great shots I aspire to one day shoot this good.

  2. wow thats an amazing compliment!! thank you so much!