Monday, December 21, 2009

studio shooting outside over for the winter??..quick season sum up.

So this is my first winter season as a professional photographer...Its been an amazing first year and im feeling very blessed to have met so many wonderful clients...thank you so much everyone for your love and support thru this growth process (which I hope will never end)!!

Now that its getting darker and colder.. its not been easy get the child photography done out doors (kids get cold and unhappy quickly). So I may be moving it indoors until spring. I have a little sunroom studio in my home that hasn't seen a lot of work yet. I was able to get just a handful of photos this afternoon of Lucy (my 18 month old) to test the morning studio light. Not 100% pleased with the set up yet.. but I'll get there soon! Sooo. what was I doing just a few weeks ago???


  1. I think if you did to anything outdoors, it will have to be with older kids, who can tolerate the cold more. I would think perhaps stick around your house so you can easily go inside and warm up. =)

    Umm a few weeks ago you were taking pictures of me and my family! ;)

  2. I know.. it was borderline a few weeks going to do a sum up of the family shots and fun locations in a few days.. can I use yours????

  3. Scrolling through these pictures, Becky - I have to tell you - YOU ARE AMAZZZZZING. People think taking a picture and editing it might be "easy" - but with your style of photography, you either have the talent or you don't. I have seen a few photographs online since meeting you, where people are struggling to make their pictures look as captivating and magical as yours, and they totally come up short. You have a gift - and I can't believe you are only just getting started! You have an amazing career ahead of you, and you keep getting better and better. I am in awe. You take the kind of pictures that people want to BE IN. Haha.

    So ANYWAYS - about the indoors vs. outdoors, I say: You'll nail it even if it was on the moon. ;)

  4. wowewowow.. thats soooo nice of you!!! grinning from ear to ear!! hugs!!

  5. You have found your calling, my friend. I love looking at your pictures! :) :) :)