Wednesday, December 30, 2009

This weeks Littlest Hero..."Noah"

Noah's Story:

"Just about 4 years ago in January, 2004, baby Noah born. At the age of 5 months, we learned that he was born with agenesis of the corpus callosum. He is missing the part of his brain that connects the left and right hemipshere together. He is also diagnosed with colpocephaly, cerebral palsy, and speech apraxia. While these are very scary diagnoses for our family to hear from doctors; they do not make who he is today or who he will be in years to come.

I am Noah - a fun, loving, sweet 3 year old boy getting ready for my 4th B-Day in January, 2010. My journey of doctors, MRIs, exams and therapies has been pretty intense, but with each visit my family and I have something more to be thankful for. I wore a helmet to reshape my head, hand splints for my thumbs, braces for my feet, and have endured endless needles for testing. I have also gone from visiting the doctors once every three months to once a year. I currently participate in speech, physical, and occupational therapy. Although I cannot talk to you using my words, I can communicate by using signs and I am becoming quite versed in sign language.

Our son brings joy each and every day in all that he does and tries. He is so innocent and happy and keeps our hopes high with all that he will do one day! We truly learn something new each day and are so very blessed to have Noah in our lives."

-Noah's mom and dad

I got to meet Noah yesterday and instantly fell in love. Such a sweet wonderful little boy..and the love and dedication invested into Noah's little life so shining progress. I had no Idea what to expect when arrived.. but its apparent after talking with his sweet mom and meeting this adorable little boy that he has surpassed any expectations dr's and specialists had when he left the hospital as a newborn...Yay!!!!! Keep up the good work family!! Noah you're going to be great buddy!
Noah's inspiring story will be passed along to the Littlest hero's project to be shared with hundreds of other families for the use of hope and inspiration.


  1. What a beautiful little boy! He and his family are such an inspiration! Great job Becky!!!

  2. thank you!! Can't wait for the next!